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About Us

TVI PTE LTD, popularly known as TVIFOOD, specializes in producing European cuisine and importing fresh and quality ingredients from Europe. Our strong network of producers, particularly from France, Italy, Holland and Spain, provides our intake of freshness and represents the best of Europe.

TVI is founded in Jan 2010 with the philosophy and passion to bring fresh French produce to Singapore. TVI understands the French agriculture very well both in terms of produce as well as their growing culture and techniques.

The French agriculture is one of the most advanced in the world and yet it has faithfully remained largely unchanged in terms of growing principles and methodologies. The French way of growing uses modern knowledge and technology only for productivity purposes but maintains an ecological and environment balance in the way produce is grown and harvested. This results in a sustainable and ecologically friendly industry that has changed little through time.

TVI appreciates and encourages sustainable agriculture especially from France largely because of the minimal to zero use of chemicals and the awareness of giving back to the environment. We thus select and harness superb growers with this mindset and create strong partnership to cater to our Asia customers..

Fresh Produce

• Tomatoes
• Salads
• French Shallots
• Red, Yellow, White and Pink Onions
• Rose and White Garlic
• French Potatoes
• Herbs and other assorted vegetables
• Specialty Strawberries, Apples & Citrus
• Seasonal Stone Fruits and Melons
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Vacuum packed food

• Beetroot, Maize, Potato and other vegetables

With our strong believes in our ingredients, TVI built our first production kitchen in 2017 to produce Ready to Eat and Ready to Cook meals. Our food has a distinctive and exceptional taste because we have an abundance of core ingredients to choose from, direct from source.

We partner also with our local suppliers to source for quality meats and seafood in order to present a holistic meal choice for our customers. It is with this mindset that we create innovative and enjoyable dishes that balances both diet and nutrition for the consumer.

We manufacture and are constantly creating new ideas to set the trend for French and other European inspired cuisine. Our ambassador, Li'l Chef, constantly updates on what is in season and provides links to events and promotions for our products.