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About Us

Founded in Jan 2010, TVI PTE LTD, popularly known as TVI FOOD started out with the philosophy and passion to bring fresh French produce to Singapore and today, we have gained a deep knowledge of the French agriculture in terms of produce and their sustainable agriculture and techniques.

Our strong network of producers from Europe, particularly from France, Italy, Holland, and Spain, provides our intake of freshness and represents the best of Europe.

TVI believes in sustainable agriculture especially from France largely because of the minimal to zero use of chemicals and the awareness of giving back to the environment. We thus select and harness superb growers with this mind-set and create strong partnership to cater to our customers.


2010 -

Established in January 2010, TVI was founded with philosophy and passion to bring fresh French produce to Singapore, TVI has a deep knowledge of the French agriculture in terms of produce and their growing culture and techniques.

2015 -

TVI PTE LTD was incorporated.

2016 -

In 2016, our ambassador, Li’l Chef was born and we introduced fresh products into the market. Li’l Chef encompasses the pride and passion to deliver French products to you by consistently updating on what is in season and provides links to events and promotions for our products.

2017 -

With our strong beliefs in our ingredients, TVI built our first production kitchen in 2017 to produce Ready to Eat and Ready to Cook meals. Our food has a distinctive and exceptional taste due to our abundance of core ingredients to choose from, direct from source. Today, the distinctive rich flavours of TVI gourmet creations such as Quiche, Stews and Pastries are loved by Singaporeans and people all over the world. TVI also attained ISO 22000.

2018 -

Li’l Chef manufactured products was launched in Cold Storage supermarkets and Marketplace.

2020 -

Li’l Chef successfully launched Fresh Eatz products in supermarkets, starting with our Fresh Eatz Stew Series with five different flavours catering to all our customers’ preferences.

2021 -

Embracing our French roots, we introduced our La Bistronomie series which consists of delicious buttery Chicken Liver Pate and a range of creamy Rillettes.

Our latest series of Pre-cut Vegetables is sourced from New Zealand and are of the highest quality. Having prepared vegetables allows our customers to save time on their meal prep and enjoy the maximum freshness of our produce.

We produced premium bakery treats such as our very own unique Brownie Marshmallow Sandwich to satisfy our customers’ sweet cravings.

We have obtained a certification in FSSC22000 in 2021.