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Here at Li'l Chef, we make the best Quiche, Puff pastries, French, Italian Ready-to-Eat convenience food and more.

Check out our 3 main Product Categories here!

Li'l Chef Quiche Lorraine Big Family meal Frozen lil chef singapore bakery french
(Scones, Quiches, Pastries)
lil chef ready to eat meals li'l chef singapore product category lilchef products sg
(Reasy to Eat Meals, Soups)
beef wellington singapore lil chef christmas seasonal celebrations product category, cakes and hampers
(Christmas, Cakes, Hampers)

Li'l Chef on RedMart:

Li’l Chef’s bestseller Quiche, as well as other products and vegetables are also available for purchase on RedMart.

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Find Li'l Chef at:

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Check out Li’l Chef’s first ever physical store right here at:
Parkway Parade, Cold Storage #B1-84

Featuring our Bestselling Scones, Quiches, Croissant Loaves, and more!

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